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About Us

Mahajan Builders & Developers, heralded with the construction of flats and gradually took up independent project and then, commercial projects as well.

The year 2010 was landmark year for Mahajan Builders & Developers as we mainteained a steady & expensive growth which culminated in excelleance and recognition throughout the following years. We have been one of the market leaders in South Maharashtra since then. Our obsession with delivering quality projects on time has paid off in a big way & we intend to uphold our policy of maintaining the fulfilment of our client's dreams as our #1 priority.


"To create buildings as per national & international standards while maintiaining quality, safety, perfection, values, traditions (vaastu) high transparency, time frame, eco friendly and create and environment in the construction industry where no one will get a raw deal in achieving his or her dream home"


"To keep in peace with the ever changing modern technology while practicing good ethics and ideologies to create quality products. We believe that hard works has no alternatives. So, as a company we strive hard to make adifference in the lives of our customers"


" We believe in serving our clients in a professional yet friendly manner. We have a structured and systematic approach. We do our best to frequently improve our skills and technology ."
People Oriented
We believe that our main strength is every member of the workforce. They are skilled and individuals working in motivated environment who help us service you with the best.
The principle foundation of everything we do is quality. We certify our customers the quality production in all aspects.